It Makes Scents!

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m here to bless you guys with this long overdue blog post about my dope christmas gift. I know its super late, y’all but it’s worth it.

With the all the heartbreaking events that have already taken place this year, I’m actually overjoyed that I chose to open this gift when I did;

The Olfactory Alarm Clock


argh! like how cute is this?! 

This alarm clock was a google science fair winner, which is pretty dope. Guillaume Rolland, an 18 year old French entrepreneur, who truly believed waking up to your favorite scent would make your mornings happier. I’m so glad he decided to share this with the world because I’m truly cranky in the mornings. My previous alarm clock was extremely loud, so after I understood what the gift was, I knew it was going to be great.

I cleared off my little nightstand to make sure I smelled this toast on time. While doing that, I even debated trying out the other two scents my mom purchased for me, espresso and chocolate.


Now my favorite scent is fresh baked cookies, but since they didn’t have that cartridge yet, I started with the Toast scent. Which is interesting, but because I originally thought that was a weird scent.

Waking up to the toast scent was pretty amazing, actually. I didn’t think I would wake up to a scent, so I decided to wait until I had a day off from work. I stayed up pretty late reading Between The World and Me, popped the cartridge in, and still set my alarm for 10:15.


When my eyes were too heavy to finish reading, I was got ready for bed. I was  under the impression this alarm clock wouldn’t work, so I set an alarm on my phone for 11, so even if I did sleep through the alarm of toast, I wouldn’t completely waste my morning.

But guess who woke up to the scent of toast

It. Worked. I was so excited that I woke up on time that I actually just sat up in bed and enjoyed the aroma for maybe five entire minutes before my dog came bursting into my room sniffing all around to figure out who was eating breakfast.

It’s pretty interesting how a certain smell can remind you of an exact place and time, or even a person. Growing up, my grandpa used to make toast with butter every single morning and wrap it in a napkin for my mom, and aunts to take to work. Everyone was always running out of the door by the time I got downstairs and there was always toast smell in the house. I’m super shocked this alarm clock took me back to that feeling of getting ready for school….and itchy stockings.

I definitely would recommend this alarm clock to anyone looking to change their morning routine. The few days I’ve used this alarm clock resulted in me being way more cheerful, and less groggy the first few hours of my day. Each cartridge lasts 30 days, so I’ll definately be writing about the chocolate one next month.


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