The Mandela Effect

As someone with a really good memory, The Mandela Effect is something interests me. It’s pretty ironic that I recently watched the Netflix Original, Stranger Things, which vividly shows a Parallel Universe and completely stressed me.If you guys are interested in pseudo science and awkward 70s/80s aesthetics, definitely check this show out. I promise, this contains no spoilers.

But lets skip to Mandela!

According to Snopes, The Mandela Effect is simply a collective misremembering of a fact or event. Psychologists call this feeling a confabulation. 

I love a good conspiracy, so I decided to look deeper into what everyone was considering a Mandela Effect. Here are a few examples of the Mandela Effect in people my age (21) and older.

Nelson Mandela 


The whole reason this effect was named Mandela, is because many people claim to remember Nelson Mandela passing away in jail, instead of in 2013. Same thing for Shirley Temple, many people truly believe she passed away as a child instead of in 2014.



Didn’t he play a Genie in a movie? This was strange because that was my only memory of him except for A Different World…which I watched in ’14.  Don’t even talk about that one episode he appeared of It’s Always Sunny he appeared in. 

Tank ManFILE PHOTO 5JUN89 - A Peking citizen stands passively in front of a convoy of tanks on the Avenue of..

Many people say they remember him getting run over. I remember learning that he didn’t in high school vividly. So, this one didn’t fool me. I learned that they couldn’t find him or identify him, and then the government blocked this from their history books as well as google searches in China.

Berenst#in Bears 


This one might be the most famous. Growing up, there was a book series and television show with a family of bears. I remember it as Bernstein, but it was actually called BerenstAin bears. It was weird, but in all honesty, this mixup HAS to be from the theme song of the show, which was a woman with a very heavy southern accent. No one who’s ever discussed this though. They just all believed it had to be a glitch in the matrix, instead of just false memories.

According to The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, it is actually a phenomenon that involves many people remembering something that didn’t actually happen. They explain that

Some of our memories are true, some are a mixture of fact and fantasy, and some are false–whether those memories seem to be continuous or seem to be recalled after a time of being forgotten or not thought about.

This fits in with the Mandela effect because a lot of things are things having to do with childhood, or things you’ve learned in school.

Or could it actually be a glitch in the matrix? We’ll never know…the-mandela-effect-1


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