Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick plays for the San Francisco 49ers and to be honest, the only thing I knew about them or football in general are things from SchoolBoy Q’s snapchat. Lately, Keapernick has become one of my top follows when he decided to sit down during the national anthem; making racist white people crumble where they stand.

Kaepernick was adopted by a white family, giving everyone who’s been misinformed, the confidence to speak out against his extremely peaceful protest. Of course, no reporter missed the chance to ask him just what he’s trying to do.

“This flag is supposed to stand for Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all, but it’s not happening for all right now”

To my surprise, everyone who’s been bashing Social Justice Warriors ironically became Social Justice Warriors. People tweeted rude things to, and about Colin Keapernick. I’m almost not even surprised how quickly “Nigger” flies out of the mouths of people online these days. They proceeded to purchase Kaepernick Jerseys to burn them, but Kaepernick publically said he will be donating the money  he makes from jersey sales back to communities that need it.

A little confused as to why people are angry over him using his American rights to protests? 


I’ve come to notice many white people are just ignorant to Black people’s feelings and the oppression we face daily. The sad part about it is, they probably see nothing wrong with it. Many white people don’t think twice about Black folks because everyone in their town is white, everyone they work for are white, everyone on TV is white. They can’t even fathom us not liking this country. It is almost as if they forgot this country has fucked us over time and time again. Now, honestly, Kaepernick never said the word white in any of his answers. He could be angry about cops killing and treatment innocent and unarmed black people, he could be angry about how Trans* people are being treated and or killed, he could be protesting how women are getting raped, and their rapists are getting slaps on the wrist.

So much is wrong in this country and people are really worried about someone not standing for the flag? Get it together!


Y’all done pissed this man off so much that he’s rocking an afro!

I’m just curious though, what if it’s against your religion to pledge your allegiance to a flag? Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims both strongly believe they should not pledge to a flag. A lot of these people who are angry about this are extremely conservative Christians, don’t you understand the importance of obeying Holy text? OH, and don’t even get me started on the hidden racist verse of the Star Spangled Banner..

No matter what side you’re on, we are all doing exactly what Kaepernick wanted us to do, Create Conversation.



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