I’m not your chocolate drop

This this is a chocolate drop. 

Okay so I’m about to start complaining so feel free to go back now.

No? We’re good? Yall still reading?

Mkay. I was riding the train today, and this white male comes up to me, places his hand on my knee and said “Can I get to know you my sweet chocolate drop?” Like that was some great shit! Can you believe that? The nerve!
Ok; pause 
I’m not the kinda person who’s just rude to people. I don’t mind being approached in any setting, as long as it’s polite. So no knee touching. Also, I guess it’s fair to say that SOME black people refer to themselves as chocolate, or caramel. But nah-uh kiddo, you’ve got the wrong one.

So I stared back for a second, you know to make sure I heard him correctly and think of the appropriate response to then not be accused to being an angry black woman. I thought, then still rolled my eyes and put my headphones right back in my ear. A few stops went by and he still waved to get my attention. (now I’m riding the E train from the first to last stop, and I’m not the one to look away when I feel someone staring.) So I gave him the side eye and went about my ride until we got off. (don’t ask me what this white boy was doing on Jamaica ave in Queens but all I can say is gentrification is REAL!) He made a comment about me rejecting him because he’s white. Aha, but anyone who knows me knows that isn’t true, but nice try. There were comments thrown about a ghetto booty, and kinky hair which irked me enough to write this.

Now if he would have approached me respectfully, I would have never had a reason to come vent here. Why did you approach me to then criticize me when you were turned down? Is your pride that sensitive? And for the white people reading this, please just never call a black person something related to their skin color and expect them to keep the convo going. It’s awkward , especially with a stranger, and 9/10 times, we’ve heard that shit a million times before. You aren’t clever. Im not an ice cream, we’re not swirling anything. I know it was funny on OITNB but it’s not funny or appropriate here. And that’s why girls don’t wanna date you.
~ End rant.~


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