Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes | Book Review 

OkaySoFirst, I’d like to explain I’ve been watching Shonda Rhimes shows since forever. I remember being in 5th grade confused about the Steamy vs Dreamy  backstory of Grey’s Anatomy but loving the O.R. scenes. I even remember staying up late nights to watch old episodes of Private Practice in Junior High School. I caught up on Scandal my senior year and fell in love with the badassery that is Olivia Pope. I jumped right into How To Get Away With Murder and as you can imagine, fell in love with it too. The Catch is slowly warming my heart. Like…guys, I don’t even think y’all even understand how excited I was when TGIT became a thing.

An entire night dedicated to my girl, Shonda! Three hour block to sit with my popcorn and drink of choice and relax. I basically moved into ShondaLand.


I even rewatch her shows for comfort. Mer and Cristina show me exactly what i want from a friendship. But my best friend does remind me that I am the sun, so that’s close enough. 

So believe me when I say Shonda Rhimes is my person. Every break up, rough day, failed test and lost friend was when I turned to her shows. Yes I’ve seen them multiple times. She is the reason I write and am unapologetic for it. Shonda Rhimes is a genius. I admire every single project she’s put out into the universe. So, naturally I made it my business to read her book.

First thought;

Oh, dope! Now I have something to read until all her shows come back! The title caught me too. Not the year of yes part; the fact that she wanted to dance it out, stand in the sun AND be her own person. Everything I learned from watching her shows. I never care for “self help” kind of books, but this one seemed inspirational. Whilst reading, I learned a bit about myself as well. I learned that I’m not confused, I’m just afraid to say yes to the things I want from life. I also learned a few lessons I’m going to share with you guys.

At one point in the chapter Yes to my bodyShonda talks about the place she was in when writing for Naomi, and putting food on to of her feelings….something I lowkey can relate to.

“Everything sounds like crap when you’re in the wrong mindset.”

I have this written on a Post-It in my room. I am the person to completely shut down once things get hard and someone tries to help after the fact. It’s something I’m working on as a person. Since reading her experiences, I promised myself to get better at regrouping and creating the correct mindset. It’s been a crazy ride, but I’m getting there.

” Don’t’ call me lucky, call me badass.”

This one was important. I know how hard it is to be proud without coming off as cocky, especially as a woman. She talks about being prideful as a good thing and i’m learning to be proud of my own accomplishments instead of shy to acknowledge them around others.

“No is a powerful word. It’s a big weapon to have in your arsenal. But it’s a very tough weapon to deploy. — No is a complete sentence.”

It was suuuuper crazy reading this. I had just been in a strange situation i didn’t want to be in, and definitely could have avoided if I read that very chapter beforehand. I no longer feel sorry or responsible to explain myself for ridding myself of people who  do not do anything for me. You don’t get to ride around in my life just because. I worked my butt of to create a healthy circle of friends.

“Unhappy people do not like it when a fellow unhappy person becomes happy.”

This one hit really close to home. I mentioned before how hard it was to get rid of fairweather and emotionally unavailable friends and keep the good ones. I noticed I lost a few friends I made when things weren’t going too well for me and I couldn’t seem to understand why. It sucks knowing that your friends may not actually be your friends when things are going well for you.

BUT, It feels fantastic as hell knowing that the weak ones weeded themselves out.


Those were just a few of my highlighted quotes in the book. I definitely would recommend anyone reading Year of Yes. It’s definitely a gem, and with that being said, I’m introducing my own Year of Yes. I’m mostly journaling through it, but I will consider including milestones on this blog if you guys are interested.

Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes | Book Review 

  1. I like where you’re going with this.
    But I wanna say use the inspirations, but don’t feed off them 100% because I want to know your hardships as well as achievements. Because you reading year of the yes has made you notice how you relate. These things happened reguardless; do you get me ?
    But im eager to see what you write,

    Liked by 1 person

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