Buying a Keurig | What’s in my K-cup

Remember the What’s in my cup series?

Hello all!

The other day, mom found this interesting store that had a reasonably priced Keurig to add to a zillion contraptions my parents don’t know how to work. It’s actually really cute and fits right in with our kitchen decor. But at this point i was still trashing it, saying we could have gotten a new kettle. 

Since there’s nothing in this area other than a Dunkin Donuts, my first k-cup of choice was their French Vanilla coffee. I was that ready to try this out!

While I usually don’t care for Dunkin, I have to say, this K-cup tasted exactly like getting it from the store. I appreciate how adorable the cups are too.

As the coffee brewed, I realized this invention wasn’t as bad as I thought. I love the smell of fresh coffee in the house so I’d definitely recommend this if you had no intention of buying/learning how to use a coffee maker.

I’m more of an espresso or arabica bean girl so I’ll have to invest in some other brands before biting the bullet and grabbing the super expensive Starbucks K-cups.

I’m also interested in the hot chocolate and teas in K-cup form, but it’s getting hotter and I’ve been sold on brewing iced tea from my all time favorite store, DavidsTea.

Do you guys like the idea of a Keurig? Let me know!


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