Blac Rob is the ultimate OTP

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged and to be honest, this is exciting. I’m just watching their relationship play out on Snapchat.

Rob’s Snapchat:Robphuckedme
Chyna’s Snapchat: BlacChynaLA

Chyna has become his new trainer as well as his teacher of normal things his rich family probably hired people to do for him.

It seems like she’s been a huge help. Hear me out guys;

Do y’all remember how HUGE Rob got just before he was diagnosed with diabetes? No? Let me remind you

Poor Rob was extremely overweight and E! reported that he was battling depression due to this. This was clearly a hard time for Rob.  Kanye seems to be impressed by them being together. He mentions their relationship in his song Highlights on The Life of Pablo.

Blac Chyna fuckin’ Rob, help him with the weight
I wish my trainer would, tell me what I overate

But wait, weren’t Kim and Chyna good friends before? I remember seeing tons of pictures of them together…that is, until Kylie and Tyga started dating…   

Big booties bring friends together, and I guess  supporting underage relationships with deadbeat dads end them. 

Kylie is Kim’s little sister and Tyga is the father of Chyna’s son, King. Kylie and Tyga’s relationship is one of the most unethical relationships, so I can understand Chyna’s frustration. This was one of the main reasons everyone thought Blac Chyna was dating Rob to get under Kylie and Kim’s skin. I believed that rumor at first, but now it seems unlikely. She seems super invested in Rob in her snapchats, they post things like a 21st century couple would. 

It’s been reported that Chyna does not attend any Kardashian-Jenner family events. I assume she’ll start attending them if she’s going to be a Kardashian in the near future. 

This is so messy, yet thrilling. The memes about poor King having and UncleDaddyTyga are hilarious. 

Either way, the KarTRASHians are my biggest guilty pleasure and it’s gotten worse since North and Saint’s birth. I can’t wait for Chyna to be the only one to have a second generation Kardashian baby. It just might kill Kris.

What are your thoughts on this whole ordeal? 


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