Shaving my head

Okay, so remember I wrote about how hard it was to be natural, and that  I was basically over it? uh, I lied. Check out my before, crinkly hair pulled into a messy top knotimg_2873
definitely shaved a good portion of the back of my head the other day. You know, with the intent of making it easier to perfect twist outs… but that didn’t work out. Aaaaand after


Honestly, it looks exactly how I asked, but I was not happy the night I shaved it. Leaving the barbershop, which was pretty dope by the way, I was excited. My little puff sat on top of my head and I basically skipped home.

When I got home, I guess the lighting was different or I suddenly woke up from dreamland and realized how BALD I was.  I honestly was so over the moon that I did what I planned to do with my hair, that I ignored my cold neck. It’s really freezing back there! I also thought that maybe I wasn’t too happy afterwards because this was my first hair cut, and I didn’t know what to feel, you know, other than cold.

My plan was to get my hair blown out, or at least stretched enough that I’d be able to go to class that same night, but I was a little more uncomfortable that same day so I didn’t. I knew I was getting my hair twisted the next day, so I just got up for that.img_2874-1

Looks pretty badass, don’tcha think? And ignoring, but not ignoring that one twist that didn’t make it in the ponytail, I got them really small! Mainly because I wanted my hair to look full when I wear it down, even without an entire triangle of hair in the back

What do you guys think? I’ll keep you all updated on the growth and whether or not I chose to keep shaving it or just let it grow out.

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone but by someone else. I promise I'll go back to my Canon in the future. 

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