What’s in my cup | Tea Edition

I’m finally back from Florida, where I found this puppy and bone tea infuser. It was totally necessary, I swear. I only have 7 tea bags left.

 I purchased this at Marshalls, a store I never really care for but seem to always find the cutest tchotchkes. It was only $4 and it’s so adorable I had to share it with you all.

 It’s really clever how the puppy just sits on the side of the cup.

Since I have been drinking coffee and stuffing my face the whole time I was away, I decided to treat myself to an oolong tea. I’m not the biggest fan of trying oolong teas but the one I had today was the Organic Skinny Tea.     I stumbled across this tea while inquiring about Flat Tummy Tea. Since they don’t sell flat tummy tea at David’s Tea, I went with the skinny tea. In Chinese culture, these ingredients (Pu’rreh, Eleuthero root and ginger)  are known for aiding in digestion and even weight loss.

Usually the tea from David’s Tea have an irresistible aroma, making it easy it identify the ingredients but this one didn’t smell like much other than ginger.

In my opinion, it tastes way better than expected. Not only did I taste a hint of orange, but it meshed smoothly with the earthy pu’rreh taste.

Overrall, the tea did help me relax while I enjoyed my morning talk shows. I’ll let you guys know if it earns its name in a few weeks.


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