What’s in my cup | Coffee edition

Normally I’m a hardcore tea drinker, aside from the fact that I drink Starbucks and instantly regret how much money I spent on a cup of coffee I could have gotten for free at work but whatever…

Today I decided to taste Godiva’s breakfast blend coffee and it was the bomb.  Godiva is a well known manufacturer that specializes in chocolates. Over the years Godiva’s company grew and began selling things like truffles, their own cocoa, chocolate dipped fruits, frozen drinks and now coffee.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good this coffee was. I usually dislike the aftertaste of most coffees, but not this one!

I usually drink coffee with half and half and sugar but being that I’m on vacation we had coffee mate, which also hit the spot.

 It’s a little lighter than my liking but it was fantastic. With a side of homemade pound cake because I’m such an adult. 

 We even have a dual scoop and bag clip that we found in a quaint little pop up store in Chelsea.

‘Twas a good breakfast.


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