Stacey Dash

This FOOL has been all over my social media for her ignorant comments about BET & black folks. While I only know her from the All Falls Down video and her being on The Game, I’ve grown so tired of her already.

Lemme rant

Why, why, why do some famous black people get so lost in the sauce and speak ignorance all over the place, calmly forgetting that BLACK people made them relevant? I want to do a little justice and link Raven and Stacey Dash up and put them on an island away from growing minds because they’re dangerous.

Here’s what she said about boycotting the oscars that’s so frustrating:

I think it’s ludicrous. We have to make up our minds, either we want to have segregation of integration. And if we don’t want segregation we need to get rid of BET and the BET awards or image awards where you’re only rewarded if you’re black….just like there shouldn’t be a black history month without a white history month. We’re Americans. Period. That’s it.

BET had a refreshing response to her comments.

 Cleverly followed by BET jams creating the hashtag #NeverForget and playing all hip hop videos with her in it.

Not only is Dash misinformed, she just chose not to do the research. Integration was cool and all, but even Martin Luther King Jr said he feared he may have integrated his people into a burning house. So let’s get that out of the way. But honey, the whole reason black people are angry is simply because we are still being brushed aside. 

Every channel I watch is filled with white people and if I’m lucky, the occasional black friend. Who’s usually loud and sassy, protraying a silly sterotype that middle America believes to be the way all black people act. How can we as a people relate to one flat character there to fill a quota?  Just take a second to think about how problematic that is.

BET was created because we were being left out of the so called “American” culture and television. We live in a place where everything is tailor made for white people. There was a desperate need for us to have a platform for people who look like us. No one gave us a platform so guess what, we made it ourselves. We need the little black kids to grow up seeing people like them suceeding instead of 50 shades of white people.


Another thing wrong with her argument is thinking only black people win BET awards and image awards…have you forgotten Eminem, Justin Timberlake, or Sandra Bullock?

Just as Charlamage says, “go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.” To be honest, the first time I heard him say that, I completely let it go over my head. It seems like the more things that happen to then show black people that we aren’t really a part of American culture the more sense his quote makes. (Ex: the scarcity of black people who win oscars, being gunned down by cops for close to nothing, urban outfitters making black monopoly with only go to jail spaces) 

It would be nice for these publications to view is equally and fairly, but they haven’t, and are completely in our faces about it.

I just wish people like Stacey Dash would crawl under a rock and stay there with these insanely misinformed comments.


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