What’s in my cup | Tea Edition

Hey guys, quick life update!

I’ve honestly become pretty obsessed with tea over the past year so I finally invested in a travel cup with an infuser.

  As you can see I’m on the train 😉

This travel cup is microwaveable as well as dishwasher safe. I love that it’s microwaveable though because I’m extremely impatient to wait for the kettle to whistle. And let’s be honest, the faster the better, right?

Anyway, my tea of choice today is called Kiwi’s Big Adventure. Get it?  Reference to one of the greatest kiddie movies ever!

 It’s a loose green tea from David’s Teas, aka the happiest place on earth. The inside of the tin looks like this:

 There are bits and pieces of green tea, Apple, kiwi, lemongrass, and lemon peel. It’s by far one of my all time faves that will now be discontinued. I was pretty heartbroken so I grabbed a tin to say farewell. I actually love plain green tea as well, but the hint of kiwi makes me feel like I’m having a little treat. Not to mention, every single time I step foot in a David’s Tea, I have the greatest experience. Their customer service is A1, and they remember their customers. I usually grab my tea from the one on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, so I definitely recommend stopping in to change your tea drinking experience.

Fun fact:  Green tea has Theanine, an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves that provides a relaxing and tranquil effect on the tea drinker.


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