What I never thought he’d say

As my heart dropped into my stomach and I felt my cheeks grow warmer I realized, this was more than awkward. 

I gathered my thoughts and wiggled away to grab my shoes and I realized we had another 20mins left before I could uncomfortably make my escape. After all, we did pay a pretty penny for this spot. This silence was almost deafening- or was something playing in the background? I don’t remember hearing anything but my heart racing and my breath falling short. 

Why would he say that? To me?

Or did I read the whole situation wrong? He slides a little closer to me wrapping his arms around my body- noticing how weird he’s made me feel but doesn’t say anything to make it better. He kisses my cheek and I try my best to act normal and before I know it, we make our exit. 

He follows behind my speedy feet until we get to 10th avenue. My untied laces slapped against my sneakers as I tried so desperately not to seem..well..crushed. He kisses me goodbye at the train station, gently stroking my cheek and as my train approaches, I’m left to wonder why he told me he’s not in love with me..


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