I don’t care who’s defending or condemning Bill Cosby 

Okay basically all of my Facebook friends are out here defending Bill Cosby while my Twitter followers are condemning his existence. 

Here’s why I don’t give a shit what happens to him:

Guilty or not, he wasn’t as great as you guys believe he was. That’s it. I don’t care if he did this or not, he said (and stood by these statements!) a bunch of things I don’t think I’ll forgive. Dr. Huxtable was a character he played on a television show.  While I loved him on the show, I understood that it was just that, a show. This character in no way shape or form has anything to do with his actual personality. 

Black folks who are sticking up for him have their right, but it seems you’ve forgotten how much he dragged our black asses in the early 2000s. Him being huge on respectability politics was alarming even to a young Aliyah. Calling us dirty laundry, and making fun of hip hop culture, it just was a lot of unsettling comments.  

They can’t read. They can’t write. They’re laughing and giggling, and they’re going nowhere.

You were TV dad, not black America’s dad. And how dare you making disgustingly ignorant generalizations…just like Hannibal Buress said, he’s passing judgements like he’s not an alleged rapist. 

In my opinion, he had to sexually assault at least SOME of these women. People just don’t want someone to crash and burn so bad they start making up lies. And if they did, it probably is still a handful of real victims. 

Sexual assault and rape are very real things and people don’t like to speak about it. Especially since society doesn’t have much sympathy for victims and make them feel like it was their fault. 

As you can see, this situation isn’t just one sided. 

I do not think this is distracting me from something else. We are all human who can pay attention to more than one thing at a time. I’m very much highly enlightened about the Sandra Bland case as well as the newest memes. 

I have zero faith in our justice system because certain kinds of murderers walk free and people spend lifetimes incarcerated for drugs and the occasional dog fight. 

So watching this play out will be interesting. But I most definitely will not be rejoicing no matter what the outcome is. 


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