Haaaaaaave you watched How I Met Your Mother? 

 Wow. Okay I’m a little torn up about this ending. This blog will be all over the place. Oh yeah…Ignoring that it ended last year and I’m super late

Season one made me want friends like this. Everything seemed fun and great but the further I watched, I noticed how normal their friendship actually was. Arguments, disagreements, issues, falling for each other. Lets not forget bi-curious Lily. The show was way better than “Friends.” But I noticed as the series went on, it got unexplainably sad. I remember watching some nights and crying. (Marshall’s dad passing, Robin having daddy issues and not being able to have kids, Ted being repeatedly heartbroken.)

Tracy was perfect for Ted. I understand why all his heartbreaks had to happen but it sucks that he didn’t know he would find Tracy. Hell, I knew he was going to find her and still felt his pain. Just like Ted, I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe that there’s someone like Tracy out there for me as well. But if I wait all my life for him and he dies, I’m going to be really angry with the universe. 

Okay, I know, he’ll die eventually but I feel like Tracy died so suddenly. Ted talked about her as if the sun literally shined out of her ass. The writers built the mother up so much that I felt cheated that I didnt get to see more than her in a hospital bed for 12 seconds, or how it  affected Ted and their two smart ass kids. 

 It also made me wonder what the writers felt about marriage. The Lily and Marshall love vs the Robin and Barney love.  I know their relationships were scripted but I get through life believing that there are some people in the world that wholeheartedly love their spouse like that Lily and Marshall. But I’ve only witnessed marriages fall apart like Barney and Robins. But anywayyyyy

Why in the world was their wedding an entire season just for them to break up behind the scenes?  That bugged me. I don’t mind sad endings, because we all know how breaking bad ended. But this was upsetting. I honestly believe everyone was so livid at this finale because HIMYM is a sitcom. Most people don’t expect such in depth character development for a show that only is 21mins. And oh yeah the stab in the stomach death of the mother.

As corny as it was, I did think it was cute that older Ted was outside Robin’s window with the blue horn. Even though they mentioned finding her was like a Bigfoot sighting, but whatever. 

So then I thought, maybe you don’t only just get one person, maybe there’s an abundance of people you can love on that same level, and it’s your life decisions that decide which one you end up with. 

Nonetheless, it was a pretty dope show and I’m glad I did check it out. Better late than never, right? 


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