My 21st Birthday

I’m finally 21, you guys! 

  Cue adorably sexy halfie

Man, this week was insane! But lemme give you a few details about my birthday;

I’m a thanksgiving baby, so that week is always hard to plan things, but my best friend and boyfriend pulled it off! Now my birthday landed on a monday…which I was pretty bummed out about at first but everything fell into place.  My family woke me up at 5:06AM, the time i was born and gave me a ton of gifts, including a new TV with the Amazon Fire Stick, which I might write a post on afterwards. 😉 I got a bunch of calls, texts and the traditional Facebook post and I began to feel special. So special, I took a nap. I woke up in enough time to get my nails done to match my purple hair.  

 Weird photo but the story I’m sticking to is “i was feeling eccentric”
I was just excited. I knew my boyfriend was taking me out to dinner and my first legal drink so I was super pumped for the day. I continued How I Met Your Mother, and played around with most of the apps on my Fire stick and threw together a cute outfit. On my way to meet my boyfriend, i stopped in Starbucks and the barista gave me a free Mocha and drew a cute little cake and balloons on my cup.

The restaurant he took me to was called Rocco’s Tacos. Not only is the name adorably rhymey, the theme was adorable too. I usually joke that the only Mexican food I eat is Taco Bell, but my personal goal for the next year is to try new things. My Blood Orange Margarita was probably the greatest thing! (granted, the only mixed drink i’ve ever tried was a mimosa) It was super strong and i needed a little help, and water, but it was delicious.


On saturday, my surprise was at Dylan’s Candy Bar! My best friend  was so great at planning this for me because sweets are pretty much my thing. Due to that place being a zillion dollars, we decided to eat dinner in Park Slope. I remember the food taking almost an hour but I was surrounded by good company so it didn’t even matter.   Cheers!

 When I realized where we were going, I felt like a little kid! Actually, I felt like a little kid the entire time. The aroma of candy and happiness along with having almost all my friends around made me the happiest person alive. We sat in a large cupcake booth and the tables had candies in them. Dude, Even my Chocolate Liquor drink had candies in it! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (probably one of my top five faves) was playing by the bar. 016.JPGIt was a pretty whimsical day and I’m so grateful for everyone who spent their time planning it and coming out to spent the day with me. I had the greatest time of my life. 


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