Afropunk 2015

For those who dont know, Afropunk is a music festival held in Brooklyn. Afropunk is usually free.

The line this year was crazy since it was the first year you had to pay. It was completely worth it because everyone was fantastic. Waiting on line, there were so many naturalistas rocking bomb twist outs and wash and gos. Yeah, I was jealous 😭. I could hear SZA singing UR and I ran to her stage. She looked absolutely adorable and sang her ass off. I was just basking in the ambiance, trying to get a good pic of SZA and freaking Ab-Soul comes out with a scarf over his face and I’m telling you tears filled my eyes! I was thinking Isaiah Rashad was going to come out with her but it was BAE. His hair was bouncy like he put a bottle of curly pudding in his hair. But I digress..

After SZA sneaking Ab-Soul out, I needed to regain some energy, and my sanity, so we grabbed food from the trucks. It was so crowded but plenty of choices. My first time at Afropunk, it reminded me of being young and my parents taking us to street fairs. I spotted a few people I follow on social media and a few friends too! Oh and this guy:

 who kindly reminded me to hurry up and find what I want to do in life. 

Suicidal Tendencies came out and every single middle aged white person was out there with fanny packs. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. To be fair, I’ve never been to any show outside of hip hop/r&b. Unless you count Falling in Reverse, which I do not. My brother, who is heavily into hip hop culture and likes Nirvana simply because they’re amazing, actually enjoyed ST. Probably because he heard what it should sound like and not me failing at hitting all the notes in guitar hero. Nah. They’re really great and influential band despite their name.

Danny Brown. Okay this guy was everything. I was really excited because I know I saw Ab-Soul earlier so he almost HAD to come out and do Terrorist Threats with Daniel. But it took them a zillion years to get the sound all right and mics working. I made a friend while waiting and he followed me on Twitter.  I was getting so antsy because Lauryn Hill was on the main stage and I was trying to run over there. But when he came out everyone lost it!

 I was this close to Daniel guys. I’m still in shock. But when Ab-Soul came out and I swear tears came out. I couldn’t get a good picture, but the siloette of him and his hair was almost good enough.

 *fangirl sigh*

It would have been a dream come true to meet him and play in his hair, which would I imagine smells like mango and marijuana. But do you really think I’d refuse a hug from him? I was beyond thrilled after they did Terrorist Threats and wiggled my way through the crowd for Lauryn hill. It was so late into her performance that I couldn’t make it close enough to see it get pictures.

The tables were all pretty interesting and everyone was nice for the most part. I just was over the moon about Afropunk.


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