Banksy and Mr. Brainwash

I’ve been completely obsessed with banksy lately. I find his work super intriguing and yesterday I stumbled upon a Mr Brainwash exhibit in Chelsea.

Notice the pink paint? It was if seeing this exhibit was fate.

 Everything there was beautiful that inspired me to post more to this blog (along with my boyfriend who likes my writing.) as of late, I’ve been kind of out of it. But yesterday woke me up! Just look at my favorite rapper made out of vinyls
  Thug life never looked so good 😝

Everything seemed so interesting. Especially since MBW started off with street art. Steet art is heavily infused into black culture and hip hop. Growing up, I was always exposed to it (cause my daddy met RUN DMC a few times and was obsessed). I remember watching Beat Street as a kid thinking how beautiful a lot of the art was, but I also remember wondering how the hell did they get all the way up there? Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, you’d be surprised at how many AWFUL street pieces I’ve seen. But lately there have been some amazing ones as well. It seems the more my neighborhood gets gentrified, the more the good ones get painted over, just as many of the controversial banksy works.

There was also a lot of street art during the divide of Germany. Which is also something I’ve spent time researching out of confusions and sheer curiosity. The Berlin Wall was full of graffiti with messages. It seems as if Banksy and MBW create art in the same fashion to provoke thought in those who see their art. Sound like something I’d like, right? 😏

While banksy remains unknown, it makes me wonder if MBW and banksy are one in the same? It might be a reach but it seems possible. They’re extremely similar as far as ideas and executing them. Either way, I’m hooked and waiting for more exibits like this one.


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