Advice to my younger self..

Age 7 Aliyah: don’t be nervous. This school is going to be better than your last one. No bullies. Join the poetry club, you’ll thank me later. Talk to your teacher more, she’s gonna help you find your niche. Don’t ask your mom for that expensive calligraphy pen, no one will care you can do it in a decade or so.

Age 10 Aliyah: hold your head up high when you walk into school. Do not let this teacher discourage you. You’re smart. You will continue to be smart. You’ll prove her wrong. You’ll graduate with a smirk and awards. It’s alright to cry, but wipe those tears and pick your pencil up again. Make that math test your bitch!

Age 11-13 Aliyah: you’re about to meet your best friend. Enjoy walking home from school, playing video games, and listening to music together. She’ll teach you all about HTML and give you good music to listen to. Your friendship will blossom quickly and effortlessly, but she’s gonna leave the state soon. And you’ll have to squeeze all the quality time for the year during Christmas break and a month in the summer. Don’t put any energy towards this boy he doesn’t even answer your IMs right away. Pay extreme attention in math. PLEASE. Stop ignoring the chubby kid. Let him walk home with you and your bestie. He lives right there, and he’s going to be your best friend. Don’t perm your hair, you’re gonna be sad for two years. Please don’t do it.

Age 15: I know this boy seems like everything right now, but there will be other boys that make your tummy do backflips by simply uttering your name. Chill out. Make sure you’re maintaining your average in school. Stop jumping every time he calls. You’ll see him tomorrow. Finish your homework. Wake up earlier, maybe if you didn’t miss half the lesson you’d be excelling in everything. Sparknotes isn’t reading the book. You’ll regret it later when you play jeopardy with grandma. Your boyfriend’s friends are just that, his friends. Don’t expect them to take up for you. Also, maybe go to gym class more.

Age 17: I told you not to focus so much on this one boy. He graduated and broke up with you. Stop crying so much…well at least at school. You look pitiful and people WILL remember. Just focus on graduating yourself. Don’t let him talk you into staying local to work it out. Please listen to your teachers advice. He wants you to prosper. And maybe don’t drink so much Mountain Dew. Use shea is actually right about that one. Stop checking your ex’s fb. He IS with that girl and he doesn’t care if you know it. Focus on packing for college..Your little brother will get hurt the week you go away and you’re gonna want to come home but push through the fears. He’s gonna be okay. Focus on your classes and call him a bunch when you’re free. He misses you and loves hearing from you.

Age 18-19 : school is going to drain the hell out of you and you’re gonna go home. But you’ll get a job as soon as you get there. You’re gonna hate it, but don’t quit. Also, do not make that boy a mixtape. I can’t believe I have to even tell you that. sigh. He’s not worth the energy. In the next year, you are going to meet a guy out of the blue, who will slowly make you see why it didn’t work with anyone else. Be open, and maybe it will blossom into something…magical

When it doesn’t, I promise you won’t fall apart. You’ll learn a bunch so it won’t be for nothing.

Lastly, to the 21 year old Aliyah writing this, please don’t stop trying. You’ll eventually find your place in the world.


4 thoughts on “Advice to my younger self..

  1. I loved this post! Haha to all the times you said to leave a boy alone. They aren’t worth it. I hope this one treats you nicely. And remember. Don’t pay him much mind, focus on YOU and your school work.


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