I have a love and hate relationship with my natural hair. 

For starters, I don’t type my hair for the simple fact that some strands look like one type while the back is a hot mess and the front is just fantastic untouched. Weird right?

This also comes from me not knowing how to do much with it. And maaaaaan have I tried. I unknowingly “went natural” in 9th grade, which was 2009.

I’ve only relaxed my hair about three times my entire life. My mom, who was very much against me relaxing in the first place, took me to a family beautician to get it done for my 8th grade graduation. After it was finished, I was HURT. I hated it!

So I stopped with relaxers and kept my hair braided for most of my high school life.  Blowouts became my go to style before installing box braids again. Since I live in New York City, it was only a train ride away to an amazing hair stylist.

Fast forward to recent times, this is my hair now.

cute right? The only problem is, I cannot do anything else besides that style! The back of my hair is pinned up usually or in a small puff because my hair didn’t respond well to twist outs back there.

Any tips? Let me know! I want to have better twist outs this summer.


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